Eterna RDI Film Stock

Designed with DI in mind


Golden Compass

"Fujifilm RDI offers finer detail, low grain, expanded latitudes and more accurate colour reproduction from digital intermediate files. A first generation print from Fujifilm RDI is a gorgeous thing."

Peter Doyle – Independent Digital Colourist

Eterna RDI used on THE DESCENT: PART 2

The Descent 2

"The clever thing about RDI is how Fujifilm have managed to make a negative stock that is significantly faster without sacrificing the granularity. In-fact the grain-structure appears to be finer and there is a noticeable decrease in flare and increase in sharpness when recording out high-contrast subject matter, due to its faster film speed.

Fujifilm RDI exhibits much less colour cross talk over an extended density range, due to its dye layers being sensitised to the laser wavelengths used by the Arri recorders. This has a desirable affect on colour management since our recorder characterisations become less distorted – 3D colour cubes become more cubic."

Jerome Dewhurst – Digital Grading Engineer, Framestore

Fujifilm RDI gives a greater colour gamut, delivering more saturated colours, and rich, detailed blacks. The image on RDI has more detail than other negative stocks; this crisper image keeps the bulk prints looking like they were struck straight from the OCN and not like dupes.”

Asa Shoul – Digital Lab Colourist, Framestore

"Fujifilm RDI has enabled me, as a Framestore digital intermediate colourist, to create bolder and richer looks. A film like "Heartless" has benefited greatly from being able to create velvet-like blacks and saturated colours, yet keeping a nice separation between the different hues.

“RDI helped me build a look, without it becoming a colour wash. I like to put a main colour theme in a scene and sprinkle it with complementary colours to make the main colour theme stand out even more. For more naturalistic looks, the Fujifilm RDI stock is great. On "Ondine", I sat down with Christopher Doyle and created a blue, cyan and green palette for Ireland. Again, the subtle colour palette transferred great and the rich blacks retained their detail."

Brian Krijgsman – Digital Lab Colourist, Framestore

Eterna RDI used on Eterna RDI used on HUNGER


Fujifilm RDI has been designed specifically for ‘Digital Intermediate’ film recording technology, producing digital negatives which have less flare, less cross talk and an overall increase in sharpness – The result speaks for itself, a truly impressive image on the big screen!”

Paul J Wright - Director of Technology, Dragon Digital Intermediate Ltd

Eterna RDI used on Eterna RDI used on ARRILASER


"We are delighted that the Fujifilm RDI stock has been designed with the ARRILASER in mind. The extraordinary research and work that has gone into developing this stock has resulted in a perfect integration of digital and traditional film technologies. Fujifilm RDI, combined with the ARRILASER, contributes to a DI workflow that delivers the best possible image quality for
modern cinema audiences.”

Henning Rädlein Head of Digital Film, ARRI Munich

A Technical Testimonial on RDI from ARRILASER