Environmental Policy


Through voluntary and responsible actions, each and every FUJIFILM UK Limited employee will strive to achieve an environmentally sound business.

We shall:

  1. Design and manufacture products with consideration of the environment and health and safety as part of the process.
  2. Comply with or exceed relevant legislation in the United Kingdom.
  3. Provide safe working conditions for employees, encouraging them to identify possible improvements and providing training as necessary.
  4. Protect local and wider communities from damage or nuisance as a result of our activities.
  5. Measure and continually improve the environmental impact caused by our operations, products and activities.
  6. Encourage and train employees and suppliers to recognise their environmental activities and the benefits available to them, by implementing sound environmental, health & safety policies.
  7. Communicate our policy and achievements widely, where appropriate freely sharing the techniques used by us to promote improvement.

Environmental Reports

Click here for FUJIFILM's Global Sustainability Report