Material Safety Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provide important health and safety information for working with our chemicals.

The Fujifilm MSDS information on this site is updated regularly and information on this site is believed to be correct.

The MSDS posted on this site are valid only for products sold by into the UK market as product ingredients, size, name, and product code may vary depending on the geographic market.
The information should be used to assist you in making an independent assessment of the best method to safeguard your workers and the environment, required by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). The data is not an assessment of hazards but will describe the hazards helping your assessment in the workplace.

Note: CANNOT guarantee that the version of a particular MSDS posted on this site at any given time is the most current version of the MSDS for the applicable product. We encourage you to check for updates from time to time on this site or email

Photographic products

Please find below Material Safety Data Sheet packs compiled for chemical systems currently in use with FUJIFILM minilab equipment.

The MSDS may be downloaded by equipment model number.

Please be aware that each equipment model has its own chemical system and therefore it is important that you check that the equipment model number matches the chemical system you require

For example equipment model FP 363 uses the chemical system CN16S


Film Processors Last updated
FP363 SC - 563 SC - 363 SCAL - 563 SCAL - Version CN16S
CN16S 18-09-08.pdf (230Kb)
FP360FA - 361FA - 362FA - 363FA - 560FA - 561FA - 562FA
- 563FA  - Version CN16FA
CN16FA 18-09-08.pdf (178Kb)
FP360B - 361B - 362B - 560B - 561B - 562B - 920AL - 922AL
- Version CN16L
CN16L 18-09-08.pdf (281Kb)
FP232B - Version CN16L (small)
CN16L (small) 18-09-08.pdf (194Kb)
Paper Processors Last updated
Frontier 330-350-355-370-375-390 - Version CP48SII
CP48SII 18-09-08.pdf (416Kb)
Frontier 330-350-355-370-375-390 - Version CP48HVII
CP48HVII 18-09-08.pdf (239Kb)
Frontier 340-570-500-590-710-770 - Version CP49E
CP49E 18-09-08.pdf (174Kb)
PP1258-1828-3008 - Version CP47L
CP47L 18-09-08.pdf (182Kb)
PP728-1058 - Version CP47L (small)
CP47L (small) 18-09-08.pdf (122Kb)

Drylab Processors

Last updated

 DL400/10/30 Inks SDS (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

DL4** Ink Cartridge 12-11-09        


 DL4400/10/30 Cleaning Cartridge



 Inkjet Waterbased Media

 Last Updated

Inkjet Waterbased media technical datasheets 

Inkjet waterbased media technical datasheet



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NB: the product catalogue number is the 6-digit numerical component of the UK product code;

e.g. for product code P10P912345A, product catalogue number is 912345 (please note that all product catalogue numbers will start with 9)

Graphics products

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X-ray products

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are in PDF Format - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these Documents.

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MSDS enquiries

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