FUJIFILM SmartPix Kiosk

We've made it all so simple!

Welcome to SmartPixTM, the user-friendly software that brings a new dimension to your kiosk - and makes it plain and simple for your customers to enjoy perfect prints every time from their digital media.

Watch your customers transform their shots into fantastic digital images that print straight from a Frontier minilab, large format printer or the stand-alone DPZ with ASK instant printers.

Simple touch-screen controls make it easy - even for first-time users, to create digital prints, posters, montages, photobooks and much much more.......... 


Fujifilm is a world leader in photography. We have spent 75 years understanding what makes the perfect photograph.

Our brand gives consumers the peace of mind they are looking for when deciding who to trust their photos with. At Fujifilm, we also pride ourselves on the level of service support we offer including remote kiosk management, telephone helpline and a network of dedicated engineers.


All of the features. All of the options. All of the reassurances you need. It's all part of the new SmartPixTM Kiosk range.  Whether used as a standalone unit, connected to a Fujifilm Frontier digital minilab, large format printer or remotely to a Frontier online, the SmartPixTM Kiosk offers the flexibility to suit every business need. Our latest SmartPixTM software has new and improved workflow ensuring smooth operation for your customers and less workload for your staff.


Our SmartPixTM software automatically analyses and optimises each image before printing ensuring your customers leave with superior quality photos. Our new Remote Kiosk Diagnostics not only enable us to spot any problems often before you do but also allow easy sales reporting and price and promotional message updates. The optional on board chip & pin payment is also available to make the SmartPixTM range the most comprehensive kiosk system on the market.

For further information call our dedicated sales team on 01234 572144 or email: smartpix@fuji.co.uk